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April 2004

14apr2004 · BlueCloth

BlueCloth is a ruby port of Markdown, which converts text from a simple, readable plain text format into XHTML.

It’s syntax totally rocks, it’s intuitive and really readable. In fact, this blog entry is already written in it! Yeah, I have quickly abstracted my old, though similar way of marking up these entries and plugged BlueCloth in instead. Now I just needed to hack it a little to support em-dashes (—) and ellipses (…). The resulting XHTML is much clearer and nicer!

You can get BlueCloth at

It’s name by the way results from RedCloth by _why which does about the same, but it doesn’t use Markdown, instead, it uses Textile. I like Markdown’s syntax better, however.

The really cool thing is however that both have (just about) the same API, so in future Blogs and Wikis, the User can have the choice between RedCloth, BlueCloth or even self-developed stuff.

NP: Audioslave—Like A Stone

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