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April 2004

25apr2004 · GCC 3.4.0

I just compiled GCC 3.4.0, it seems to run fine.

Compilation took about 70 minutes on my 1.8 GHz box, the build directory was 705 MB in size.

Unfortunately, I can’t find the piece of paper I wrote the statistics of 3.0.4 and 3.3 on, but I think compilation was faster this time.

During the testsuite run (), there have been some (not important) looking fails probably due my quite old assembler, and a well-known one.

My biggest problem with the GCC 3.x series were the slow compiliation times, which seem to have gotten better:

make times for a full, out-of-the box Ruby 1.8.1 (possibly not representative):

GCC 3.4.0: 1m47.110s
GCC 3.3.0: 2m21.326s
GCC 2.95.4: 1m7.914s

Toxical release tomorrow. Maybe.

NP: Pearl Jam—The Kids Are Alright

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