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December 2004

31dec2004 · The Playlist Meme

I thought, the recent playlist meme on ThoughtWorks blogs is pretty nice, so I decided to blog the next ten random songs:

  1. Tom Waits—Don’t Go Into That Barn
  2. Incubus—Beware Criminal
  3. Bob Dylan—Tombstone Blues (Real Live)
  4. DJ Shufflemaster—Dawn Purple
  5. Coastal—Eternal
  6. Paradise Lost—Sell It To The World
  7. Offspring—Living In Chaos
  8. Manowar—Warriors Of The World United
  9. Pearl Jam—Jeremy
  10. Tobias Schmidt—Wronged

I’m pretty confident with that selection of music. I think it represents my taste quite well.

Just for reference, the next five songs would be:

  1. Live—Pillar Of Davidson
  2. Die toten Hosen—Call Of The Wild
  3. Pearl Jam—Satan’s Bed
  4. Metallica—2x4
  5. Opeth—Demon Of The Fall

A loooong running meme, it seems to orginate from berlinde (which doesnt seem to date her entries…).

I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

NP: Tom Waits—Don’t Go Into That Barn

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