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June 2007

29jun2007 · Announcing test/spec 0.4, a BDD interface for Test::Unit

Today I’m releasing test/spec 0.4, a library to do BDD with Test::Unit.

News in 0.4:

  • June 29th, 2007: Fourth public release 0.4.
    • Support for Ruby 1.8.6.
    • Support describe/it/before/after RSpec 1.0 syntax.
    • Allow should.raise { code_that_raises }
    • Add xcontext to disable complete contexts.
    • Backtraces are cleaner now.
    • Mention test/spec on Rails.
    • Fix small Gem bugs.
    • Fix bug related to counting negated assertions.
    • Fix bug in specrb.
    • Allow empty xspecifys.
    • Make SpecDox and RDox count empty specifications.
    • Allow Kernel#context to take a superclass.

Full announcement: ruby-talk:257483.

You can download test/spec 0.4 at

Alternatively, you can checkout from the development repository with:

darcs get http://chneukirchen.org/repos/testspec

Please mail bugs, suggestions and patches to .

(Patches using “darcs send” are most welcome.)

Since version 0.3, a Gem of test/spec is available. You can install with:

gem install test-spec

(It may take some time for the index to be updated and the mirrors propagated.) I also provide a local mirror of the gems (and development snapshots) at my site:

gem install test-spec --source http://chneukirchen.org/releases/gems


be9a3d747dc212bb21f7d78928d20652  test-spec-0.4.0.tar.gz
e2f4757aa764d67ed5630d5e1093316c  test-spec-0.4.0.gem

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