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December 2009

19dec2009 · A nasty Android bug

When your Android phone shows the following symptoms:

  • Upon power on, some configuration (e.g. date/time format) is lost.
  • The “hang up” button doesn’t lock the screen.
  • “Airplane mode” and “Silent mode” don’t show up in the shutdown menu.
  • The “home” button doesn’t work.
  • The “call” button doesn’t work.
  • Incoming calls don’t work. (Don’t know for sure.)

…then your phone probably destroyed some configuration, likely because the battery was empty before it fully shut down. A possible fix:

  • Get the application “Any Cut”.
  • Create a shortcut to the activity “Setup Wizard” (there are three items of it, try them all).
  • Run the Setup Wizard that looks like the initial Android setup (the one where you have to click the robot first), and follow the wizard.
  • Your phone should now work again.

This worked for me on firmware version 1.6 (And I think I hit the same problem on 1.5 too, but back then had no other idea than to wipe it).

Many people seem to be affected by this, and above solution is based on this thread.

Clearly, this is a thing that should not happen, corrupting configuration due to low power.

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